10 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting Rage 2

Rage 2 thrusts you into a vast Wasteland pretty early on and although the game is initially ridiculous, it gets really tough. There are tons of secrets hidden within the crevices of the game’s world so we’ve prepared this Rage 2 Beginners Guide with some tips if you’re a beginner at this game. Keep these key things in mind and your playthrough will go much smoother. Let’s get straight into these Rage 2 tips:

1. The BFG 9000
If you’ve purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game, you should pick up BFG 9000 from DOOM before leaving Vineland for the first time.

Just keep a lookout red meteorite falling from the sky and landing just past the second three-way intersection to the right and up past Vineland.

The broken rock inside the impact site will have the BFG 9000 inside. Ammo is deadly but scarce. It’s hard to purchase and when you do find a merchant who has it – it costs a lot.

2. Waypoints
Setting a waypoint is really helpful when traveling in your vehicle throughout the wasteland. Just stick to the purple trail so you can navigate around bridges and avoid backtracking.

3. Every Item Matters
Don’t ditch any potential loot you find during or after the boss because it seems small and insignificant to you.

Clear out the entire arena for ammo since you’ll need ammo in future missions and will have to back for it anyway. Purple points of interest everywhere mark these.

4. Use the Combat Shotgun
Very early on in the game, you’ll gain access to one of the most useful early game weapons Rage 2. The Combat Shotgun can strip away the armor of enemies so you can finish them off with regular shots.

Enemies without armor can be one-shotted as well. You can also hit multiple enemies with a spread and aiming down the sights turns the pellets into a single slug that knocks back enemies so you can switch between alternate firing modes.

You can get this weapon by traveling to Gunbarrel and meeting John Marshall in his bar.

Once you accept his quest to rid the sewers of the mutant presence under the town, you can head down into the depths to find the Combat Shotgun. Look for the Ark buried under the town that you alone can access.

5. Get the Smart Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher is great against big and small foes early on in the game. It’s a secondary lock-on feature you can use to aim at two targets at once and pave the way with a cluster of bombs.

You can find it hidden in the Strongbox Ark in the Torn Plains. This is just South of the Earthscar Ark so clear the area of bandits and collect your prize.

6. Fast Travel
At the beginning of the game, you’re limited to only fast traveling between the three main hubs and when you’re near your vehicle. You select the hub from your map and press Square/X to get to it.

If you’re not close to your vehicle or are deep into a mission location, even after said mission is complete, you cannot fast travel.

It’s a bit tricky but doable if you drive away in your car a bit and then fast travel.

7. Free Vehicle Repairs
Your initial vehicle is near invincible when its shields are up and it won’t blow up when they’re down. However, when they’re depleted, it’ll become non-operational.

You can fix it by going to the ‘Engine’ and holding L1/LB to replenish its meter. This task becomes more difficult when enemies surround you so it’s wiser to clear the area first.

8. Get the Shatter Nanotrite Ability
Head to the Junkers Pass Ark at the center of the Twisting Canyons region and clear out the bandits there.

This unlocks the Shatter ability that allows you to dash into enemies with a lot of force that sends them flying and strips the armor from tough targets.

9. Get the Slam Nanotrite Ability
This ability is great for crowd control. As the name implies, Slam power launches you above/down into a group of enemies and sends them flying.

It’s hidden at the Earthscar Ark in the center part of Torn Plains region. Go to the ruined city area between the Forward Command Post and Vandal Villas. Clear these two bandit camps and then get the ability.

10. Help Dr. Kvasir First
Dr. Kvasir is arguably the most important of the three characters you encounter and help in your adventure. He provides you with the Search and Recover projects and these give the biggest rewards.

Head to the Eden Space Station after finishing his quest and invest in projects like Collectible Tracking for Data Pads or Storage Containers.

These ping when you’re close to these items that can help you get rewards faster to earn more money. Other projects let you mine money quicker from alien worlds.

Start helping him out long before you meet him in person by inspecting Arks and Ranger Echo sites. Once you help him reach level 7, you’ll unlock the Icarus Gyrocopter and will have your travel experience in the game become much more fun.

It’s the only flying vehicle in the game so you can explore with much greater ease.

This is all we’ve in our Rage 2 Tips and Tricks. If you’ve anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!