Super Mario Maker 2 Switch Comes With All New Features, Tools, Courses, And More

How long has it been since we last saw Super Mario Maker? Approximately 4 years have passed since the first game came out. Nintendo wasn’t expected to take this long to announce another Mario Maker game but better late than never.  The Japanese video games creator has finally fully detailed Super Mario Maker 2 Switch.

Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch was discussed in detail in a recent Nintendo Direct presentation. It seems a bit odd to reveal such a major game just before E3 2019. Nintendo could have easily held off this announcement for E3’s Nintendo live stream. However, we can’t complain, can we?

Nintendo’s presentation revealed a plethora of interesting details about the new Mario Maker for Switch. The developers showed new course tools, parts, and a new single-player story mode for the game.

Super Mario Maker 2 Gameplay, New Features, Course Tool, News, and Release Date

There is a ton of new information regarding the new Mario Maker game. Developers are introducing new course tools, parts, and new features for creators.

There is a new story mode in development for Mario Maker. This new mode can be played offline so you won’t be needing an internet connection on your Nintendo Switch. Early story details reveal a trip Mario will be taking to help rebuild Princess Peach’s castle. In order to fund this new project of his, he needs to collect Coins.

Mario can collect coins by accepting jobs from the bulletin board and completing associated courses. Story Mode has over 100 original Nintendo-crafted courses.

New Features in Super Mario Maker 2

There are many new features in Mario Maker 2 Switch but there are also many secrets that Nintendo promised to reveal later on.

Co-op Making — You can play the game in the coop by passing a Joy-con to another friend. Both of you can create new courses in Super Mario Maker 2 together.

Slopes — The game allows you to create angled surfaces by picking a direction and setting the length.

Angry Sun — Angry Sun from the Super Mario Bros. 3 is back.

On/Off Switch — Hit an On/Off Switch to swap all the red and blue blocks in the course. The feature can be used to create tricky puzzles.

Banzai Bill — This classic Super Mario enemies now have a homing function and can chase Mario wherever he goes.

Water Level — Water Level in Super Mario Maker 2 can be adjusted in the Forest Theme. But only half the course can be under water. Water can also be adjusted to rise and fall at different speeds.

New Course Themes — All of the course themes from Super Mario Maker are back in the second installment. Additionally will have access to Desert, Snow, Forest, and Sky themes. All new Mario Maker themes feature music from Super Mario series legend composer Koji Kondo. The new Moon course can be used to unlock night versions of themes. Depending on what theme you choose, expect surprises.

Super Mario 3D World — You can create courses in the style of Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U games and a brand new one based on Super Mario 3D World.

Some of the features exclusive to this style are Cat Mario, Clear Pipe Mario, Koopa Troopa Car, Track Block, Piranha Creeper, and a cast of familiar faces will appear in Super Mario Maker 2.

Course World — There are online elements to Mario Maker 2. Players can play and share courses around.  Course world is available to players around the world but only if they have Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Play Together — There is four player coop in the game and when the party is full, players will play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Toadette. There is a multiplayer versus mode where players face off in a side-scrolling showdown. There is multiplayer coop as well where the players work together to beat various courses. There is a new feature called “Nearby Play” which allows players to set up a virtual room and others in the nearby location can join the room to play together. All parties must own a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 and a Nintendo Switch console.

This is pretty much all Nintendo discussed about Super Mario Maker 2. However, during the Direct stream, there were other details shared regarding Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019, Switch Game Vouchers, and Mario Maker 2 + Nintendo Switch Online bundle.

Super Mario Maker 2 is releasing on June 28 and along with the standalone game Nintendo is releasing a Super Mario Maker 2 Switch Online bundle. You can grab the game and a 12-month online membership for $69.99.

Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers are sold for $99.99 which lets players get two games from the Nintendo eShop. You need Switch Online membership to purchase the vouchers.

Last but not the least we have Super Mario Maker 2 Switch Invitational 2019. On June 8, four members from the Super Mario Maker community will compete in Super Mario Maker 2 courses designed by Nintendo. Visit the official website for more information.