The Division 2 Raid Doesn’t Support Matchmaking, You Have to Manually Invite Friends

Ubisoft employee Alexandre Guenounou has confirmed that The Division 2 raid doesn’t support standard matchmaking. The Division 2’s long-awaited Operation Dark Hours raid is scheduled to launch tomorrow.

No standard matchmaking within the raid means that the players will have to invite friends manually, otherwise, they will not be matched with random players to fill the eight-player group. Guenounou stated on Twitter that since there’s no matching, players will have to “team up through clan lists, their friends lists or by inviting other players in the game social spaces before launching the raid”.

Many The Division 2 players are naturally disappointed with the lack of matchmaking in the game’s first raid. That’s because the game offers to matchmaking for almost every activity in the game, allowing players to automatically find random players online so they can complete tasks easily. This will also create problems for those players who don’t have a lot of in-game friends and usually play solo.

However, some players don’t really care about the absence of matching in the raid because they believe that the raid will be too difficult and playing it with random players will only lead to frustration. So the system is more like Destiny Raid matchmaking where you can’t match-up with randoms and have to rely on external tools to find people to do the raid.

Personally, I think that this not a smart move by Massive Entertainment as the players should be able to decide for themselves if they want to play the raid with random players or not.

Developers have yet to explain why they disabled matchmaking in the first place. If the fans continue to resist, It’s possible that the developers will allow matchmaking feature in future The division 2 raids. Until then you have to play it with friends only.

Operation Dark Hours raid is part of The Division 2 1.07 update which is now available for download on Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC. The raid goes live on May 16 at 9:00 AM PT, 12:00 PM ET and 5:00 PM BST.

Furthermore, The Division 2 1.07 update also brings classified assignments for season pass holders, a new apparel event with new outfits, masks, weapon skins and various changes to the game’s loot system.