The Division 2 Director Pulls A Fast One On Fans With a New Splinter Cell Game

A recent Tweet from Julian Gerighty, creative director at Ubisoft, teased an epic crossover of multiple Ubisoft game developers. Specifically he mentioned Splinter Cell and The Crew collaborating on some sort of project together with the team behind Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon on the way. The director of the Division 2 soon revealed it was just a troll on eager Splinter Cell fans.

Here’s the Tweet itself:

Now a crossover like this would have meant that every creative studio in Ubisoft would be working on the same project. While we may be getting a new Splinter Cell game soon, it certainly won’t be a crossover with any of these other games. That was confirmed by Ubisoft after all when this whole statement was falsified. Are we even getting a new Splinter Cell game?

Ubisoft has established in its past games through easter eggs that every game they develop does take place in the same universe. This is showcased in games like Far Cry 3 with Abstergo logo dossiers found in some shacks. Another easter egg includes Blood Dragon arcade machines in some Rainbow Six Siege maps.

While games may exist in the same universe over at Ubisoft, I doubt that they will ever have a direct crossover. Not only that, it would just be a slight waste of resources to have every team at Ubisoft putting together the same video game. Not just that, the conflict of creative input could be damaging as well.

If we’re to believe leaks like Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok, it further dampens this mythical crossover of a game. On the other hand, maybe they were just announcing a switch of team members to different projects. That’s a less outlandish theory. We know for sure that the crossover sadly isn’t true.

So don’t get your hopes up for a Splinter Cell and The Crew crossover. Ubisoft doesn’t have that planned.

Definitely a low blow to people waiting for a sequel to Splinter Cell Blacklist, though.