Rumor: BioWare Management Blames Customers for Anthem’s Poor Sales

BioWare it seems has learned nothing from the feedback and its own poor decisions when it comes to Anthem’s development. If a trending Reddit post holds any merit, BioWare actually has the nerve to blame customers for Anthem’s failure. Despite releasing a broken, unfinished game for $60, BioWare’s isn’t ready to accept responsibility.

The post leaked some internal happenings and mindset of BioWare’s management which is consistent with EA’s now. CEO Andrew Wilson recently reaffirmed his commitment to GaaS model even though it is killing Anthem.

BioWare leadership, on the other hand, is blaming the players and the “vitriol” they spew as the reason why the game is not doing so well commercially.

But BioWare is also blaming EA for saying the game can be fixed later because of its Games as a Service model. According to the leak, EA nor BioWare expected this level of backlash and hostility from the players. It is surprising how EA didn’t see this coming even after Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Anthem has sold 3.7 million copies despite the backlash. However, that is no way near the sales number EA projected. The good news is that EA is still committed to Anthem as it “fills a gaping hole” in the company’s offerings.

BioWare is working hard to fix the game’s bugs, improve quality of life, and add new content. The leak reveals that there is a stat screen in development as well that’ll show all of your stats in the same place.

Moreover, don’t expect any news from BioWare this week. But there is a loot redesign in the works. While that is great news, don’t expect BioWare to release the new loot system for Anthem anytime soon.

Anthem loot system is one of the main reasons why the community is angry. The loot system is fundamentally flawed and the loot pool is so small that there is no meaningful loot to grind toward.