Rage 2 is the most Recent Casualty of Failed DRM, Cracked Already

Rage 2 has just launched for PC and consoles and despite the game using Denuvo DRM to protect it from being pirated, Rage 2 has already been cracked.

It’s just been a day since Rage 2 released and hackers have managed to crack it already. However, this isn’t surprising anymore given that hackers have been cracking games that use Denuvo DRM within a week of their launch.

Previously, Devil May Cry V was cracked at launch and not because hackers were able to bypass Denuvo but Capcom accidentally released the game with a Denuvo free exe file.

Not only that, reportedly Denuvo is also causing performance issues in Rage 2 like low FPS, crashes, and stuttering. Interestingly, the game’s EULA doesn’t even mention that it uses the Denuvo DRM.

Denuvo is known for creating performance issues in PC games. However, this isn’t entirely true as it all boils down to how the DRM is implemented as tests have revealed that Denuvo DRM doesn’t have an impact on performance.

The following a few highlights from tests revealing game performance before and after the removal of Denuvo.

  • Mad Max(with DRM): Min FPS – 54, Avg FPS – 72
  • Mad Max(without DRM): Min FPS – 60, Avg FPS – 79
  • Hitman (with Denuvo): Avg FPS – 71.6
  • Hitman (without DRM): Avg FPS – 72

It’s likely that Bethesda will remove the Denuvo DRM from Rage 2 given that the publisher removed the DRM from its previous titles such as Dishonored 2, DOOM and more.

On the other hand, Denuvo itself has changed its stance on its DRM. According to Denuvo, the DRM is just there to secure initial launch sales as every game is crackable.

Our goal, and it’s still the goal, is to protect initial sales. Of course we would like to have it uncracked forever, but that just doesn’t happen in the games industry.

However, given how quickly the games are being cracked, the DRM is failing spectacularly on its promise. This raises the question as to how long the studios will keep using Denuvo DRM.

Rage 2 is a first-person open world game developed by id Software and Avalanche Studios for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit