The Last Of Us 2 Development Is Nearly Over, Says Anthony Newman

Naughty Dog is hiring to close out progress on one of its games, specifically The Last Of Us 2 development. This means that we’ll likely be seeing the game finally get a release date at some point this year, though not at E3 next month. This reveal has been a very long time coming.

The Last Of Us 2 was originally announced at the Playstation Experience back in 2016, but since then had almost fallen off the map. Barring a few platitudes from Naughty Dog, we knew next to nothing about the game, its plot, or what it would involve.

However, trailers at Paris Games Week in 2017, and at E3 in 2018, still gave us previews of what we were in for in terms of story and gameplay, which looks to be an evolution on the original formula. Ellie, however, seems to be the playable character now, with Joel only seen in the reveal trailer.

If the job listings (which ask for animators, game designers, and programmers) are true, then Naughty Dog might be looking to put the final touches on the game now. If The Last Of Us 2 development is in fact almost over, then a retail leak may in fact be true.

Said leak, which happened recently, revolved around a Peruvian retailer named LawGamers supposedly leaking the release window for the game to be October of this year. The Last Of Us 2 has already been said to be “coming soon” by the Playstation Store as well.

All of this might be building up to a release date of either late this year or early next year, though it likely won’t be announced at E3. Since Sony isn’t attending E3 this year, likely in favor of their own event, we’ll have to wait for news on an actual release date.

Hopefully The Last Of Us 2 development will finish quickly once all of these Naughty Dog developer positions are filled, and we can finally have an actual release date.