Fortnite V9.01 Update Will Be Releasing Later Today, Expect Server Downtime Soon

In response to a Reddit post about a glitched kill spot, an Epic Games employee revealed the Fortnite V9.01 update release date which is in fact today.

Fortnite V9.01 is the first update to the game’s ninth season. Considering that it is releasing nearly a week after season 9 began, it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing weekly updates to Fortnite from Epic Games. This differs from the Apex Legends style of seasonal updates instead of weekly.

This is good depending on which perspective you see it from. On one hand, these rapid fire updates could leave a lot of room for error or missing out details here and there. On the other hand, the quicker updates help Epic Games stay more in touch with its community.

We don’t know the exact time of the update or the Fortnite V9.01 patch notes as of yet. Similar to in the past, we’ll most likely get both as soon as the update hits at some later time today. Be ready for Fortnite server downtime at any given moment.

A lot of Fortnite players are speculating the tactical assault rifle to be a part of this update. The tactical assault rifle is a combination of an SMG and an Assault rifle. The gun has an increased rate of fire, a medium to long range capability and even a larger magazine carry. The class is still categorized as an assault rifle and thus uses light bullets.

Dataminers further added that we may see a John Wick inspired event that releases with the Fortnite V9.01 update later today. This is still just a theory from Dataminers as we have no official confirmation from Epic Games as of yet.

If it’s true though, expect more skins, gliders, cosmetics and even Wick themed events to be added to Fortnite season 9. Keep a sharp eye out for the update.