Final Fantasy 7 Remake Installments Still In The Plan, Says Square Enix

One of the biggest surprises we got in the past few days was that Square Enix is still working on the Final Fantasy 7 remake, as seen in the Playstation State of Play presentation. Square Enix has also confirmed that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake installments plan is still in place.

The installments plan in question is that, in order to fit in all of the new content that they can, Square Enix will be releasing the Final Fantasy 7 remake in chunks of several dozen hours apiece, and from what we saw they have good reason.

The State of Play trailer finally showed off some Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay, and it looks utterly amazing, both graphically and gameplay wise. The graphics and upgrades are likely the reason that Square Enix decided on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake installments in the first place.

The installments plan has been common knowledge for a long time, having been announced all the way back at E3 2015 when the game was first revealed. But, considering the game has had almost no news since then, it’s likely Square Enix made the announcement just so everyone knew that the plan hadn’t changed.

Despite a huge amount of excitement on its announcement, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake hasn’t had any sort of news for it at all come out since then. Aside from a few leaks where Square Enix executives said the game hadn’t even been started yet and they were still in pre-production, the game has essentially been dead.

While the State of Play trailer and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake installments announcement are a big step in the game’s development progress, there’s still no indication of when the game will actually be coming out, or what the schedule for the installment releases is.

Considering Square Enix will have a conference at E3 this year, we’ll hopefully see more of the Final Fantasy 7 remake there, but whether or not we’ll get a release date, or even just a release window, remains to be seen.