The Last Of Us Part 2 Going Gold Soon?

We recently received word of Joel and Ellie cutscenes being wrapped up alongside other production progress for The Last of Us: Part II. Now, an official tweet confirms that the Last of Us 2 release date is imminent as the game preps up to go gold.

Here’s the confirmation tweet from Anthony Newman on recruitment for talented animators after the crew wraps up the filming part:

The job openings made mentioned programmers for gameplay and levels as well as game designers. Now this apparently leads us to believe maybe the Last of Us 2 release date isn’t that close. Naughty Dog could be duping it, though we did see another part of the tweet that said “they wanted help closing the project.”

All we’ve gotten out of The Last of Us 2 regarding a release date is from multiple different leaks. No solid word on when exactly PlayStation 4 exclusive will be playable.

The Last Of Us 2 is a post-apocalyptic zombie apocalypse style game. This time, the game will be focusing on Ellie as the protagonist rather than Joel.

We aren’t sure just yet about everybody’s roles. We know about Joel and Ellie, but what about the character played by Rapper Logic so there’s still a lot of speculation as to what we can expect.

Anthony asked for help in animating some specific types of melee animations that he promised would be “dope”. If all these tasks weren’t even touched yet, it might be hoping for too much for a 2019 release window.

I’m sure Last of Us 2 won’t be a PlayStation 5 exclusive either but here’s to wishing. The last of us 2 release date remains unconfirmed.