Outer Wilds PC is Another Epic Games Store Exclusive, Backers Are Not Happy

Mobius Digital has confirmed that Outer Wilds PC is a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store. The developer revealed this information on Friday via its crowdfunding site Fig. This means that Outer Wilds will not be sold through Steam at launch. The game will arrive on “additional platforms” sometime later.

While the developer confirmed that the game will first come to Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC via Epic Games Store, no exact release date was specified.

Afterward, Mobius said that it’s aware that the fans want to see their crowdfunded sci-fi game Outer Wilds on other platforms too. A possibility of a PS4 or Nintendo Switch version still remains unclear. The developer’s current goal is to “bring the game to your preferred platform as quickly as possible.” These statements also suggest that the game is near to a release date.

Mobius Digital then explained the reason for their partnership with Epic Games and Microsoft by saying:

Throughout the development of the game, we’ve welcomed helpful partnerships with Annapurna Interactive, Xbox, and Epic to support us and keep our small studio running long enough to ship the game at the level of quality that it is today. Each of these partnerships has enabled us to make the game better and more accessible for everyone who will play it.”

This adds Outer Wilds to the list of other titles like Borderlands 3 and recently announced Tom Clancy’s Ghost Breakpoint, which will be skipping Steam at launch. Some other AAA games like Metro Exodus and The Division 2 have also skipped Steam at launch in the recent past.

Many backers of Outer Wilds are not pleased with this move as seen in the Fig comments. They can’t be blamed though as Epic Games Store has recently been seen as an evil trying to manipulate PC gaming. It’ll be interesting to see how these comments will affect the game at launch.

Outer Wilds is an open world exploration indie video game where the players will have to unravel ‘the mysteries of the solar system’. Interested folks can check out a 10-minute gameplay video of Outer Wilds provided by IGN to understand the game’s concept.