Rage 2 Roadmap Detailed By Bethesda, Includes Updates, Cheats And Expansions

Just a few days ahead of the game’s release date, Bethesda has detailed Rage 2 roadmap. The 2019 roadmap of Rage 2 includes events, community challenges, new vehicles, extra enemies, new cheats, and two major expansions with new story content.

Rage 2 post-launch DLC roadmap contains a mixture of free and premium content for all the players, starting from next week till fall 2019. You can check out the upcoming content below with their month of arrival.


Following the launch of Rage 2 next week, community challenges will arrive. Players can complete these challenges to earn free rewards. Completing the first community challenge will reward you with the Vomit Comet Pistol skin. To receive these rewards, players will have to be logged in with their Bethesda account and online.

These new challenges will arrive every week throughout May and June. Apart from these challenges, a new in-game World event will arrive in June called, “Bring the Ruckus,” featuring Ruckus the Crusher.


First big update of Rage 2 will arrive in June with new community challenges, new Cheats, a pilotable Mech as a new vehicle type and a massive new enemy for free.


In July, there will another big update for Rage 2. This update will come with a new vehicle type and enemy. In addition to this, there will be new community challenges, skins, and cheats for everyone.


This month will mark the arrival of a first major expansion of Rage 2 called “Rise of the Ghosts”. Rise of the Ghosts expansion will bring brand-new storyline and region to explore in the game along with new weapons, abilities, and vehicles.

September – December

Another major expansion will arrive in November, according to the blog post. Bethesda Softworks will unveil new details about this second major expansion sometime soon on Twitter.

Rage 2 roadmap confirms that Bethesda is working hard to make sure that players stay in the game after finishing the main story. It’s also worth mentioning that Rage 2 map size is bigger than the orignal Rage, meaning that the players will be spending most of their time wandering around the wasteland.

The fans of Rage franchise will not have to wait much longer as the game has gone gold. Rage 2 is scheduled to release on May 14, 2019, for Sony’s PlayStation 4, PC and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Moreover, Rage 2 preload is expected to start in a day or two.