E3 2019 Nintendo Direct Announced, Will Happen June 11 At 9 A.M. Pacific Time

If you’re a Nintendo fan that can’t wait to see what the company rolls out for E3, you’ll need to be up bright and early on June 11. Nintendo of America announced on Twitter today that that time and date is when the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct will begin as one of their events.

It’s been months since we’ve gotten an official Nintendo Direct, ranging all the way back in February when various games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Platinum Games’s upcoming title Astral Chain, and more were announced and elaborated on.

There are a lot of different things that Nintendo could possibly have in store for us at the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct. Not just with already-announced games like Fire Emblem, Astral Chain, and the remake of Link’s Awakening, but also upcoming games.

These could be anything from Bayonetta 3 (another Platinum game coming to the Switch), the ever-elusive Metroid Prime 4 (recently re-started with the original studio and producer), or even new upcoming games that we haven’t heard about yet.

We might even be getting new Super Smash Bros Ultimate news. While Joker only came out several weeks ago, Nintendo might think it’s a good time to put out the trailer for the next DLC fighter for that game.

Along with the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo of America announced that their segment of E3 would be starting on June 8, with the 2019 Splatoon World Championship starting at 11 A.M. Pacific Standard Time. The Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Championship, a three-on-three tournament, will begin immediately afterwards at 2 P.M.

While it’s still roughly a month until E3 2019 begins, many studios and publishers are starting to announce when their conferences and events will be. So, whether you’re Microsoft, Devolver Digital, PC, Nintendo, or something else, be on the lookout for the publishers that will be there when E3 starts in June.