Limited Edition Steel Grey PlayStation 4 Announced for Days of Play Event

Sony has announced a new limited edition steel grey PlayStation 4 (PS4) model and it’s beautiful. This limited edition PS4 will be arriving next month in June as a part of Sony’s celebration of the Days of Play event. The Days of Play PS4 edition was showcased during Sony’s recent State of Play live stream for PlayStation fans.

The upcoming steel grey version of the PS4 features Triangle, Circle, X, and Square logos on the top, or on the side when in a vertical position. It comes with a custom DualShock 4, which matches with the color of PlayStation 4. As seen in the trailer, Days of Play PS4 edition is the slim version of PlayStation 4 with 1 TB of storage for all of your favorite games like God of War and Spiderman.

Pricing of the upcoming console was not revealed but it’s expected to cost around $300 similar to the slim version of the console. There’s also no mention of a precise release date for the system. That’s pretty much all that we know about the console. You can check out the trailer below.

This is not the first time Sony has released a new limited edition of the console. Last year around this time, Sony released a limited edition blue PS4 Slim console which managed to sell like hotcakes because of its eye-catching design.

It’ll be interesting to see how this limited edition PlayStation will further increase the sales of PS4. With limited editions like this and exclusive games, Sony has won this console generation leaving behind Microsft’s Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. As we reported previously, more than 96.8 million people have bought PS4 consoles, which is a massive milestone for Sony Corporation.

With that done, Sony is aiming towards the next-generation of consoles and as always looking to take away the lead from Microsoft. Sony has officially confirmed that it’s working on PlayStation 5 (PS5) while revealing some interesting details about the upcoming console.

Sony’s Mark Cerny has confirmed that PS5 will come with an SSD, support for 8K and ray-tracing technology. The price of the upcoming console is predicted to be around $400 according to an analyst. PS5 is expected to be unveiled at PlayStation Experience (PSX) 2019. If that happens, we can expect it to arrive at the end of 2020.

Until then, you can grab the new limited edition of PS4 when it arrives to enjoy upcoming games like Death Stranding, Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us 2 and more. Also, don’t forget to check out the PlayStation Store next month, when Days of Play event starts to avail discounts on PS4 games and hardware.