Halo: The Master Chief Collection To Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive?

343 Industries and Microsoft intend to bring Halo: The Master Chief Collection to the PC platform as they announced back in March. As there is a competition of online digital stores going on, the Epic Games store is reportedly trying to take Halo MCC as an Epic Game Store exclusive.

This report comes from someone who reportedly attended a meeting between Epic Games and Microsoft regarding the exclusivity deal. As the announcement did state that Halo will be coming to Steam, here’s what Microsoft had to say on the topic directly:

“We are currently focused on bringing a great ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ experience to PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam, however, we’re always listening to feedback and looking for additional opportunities to share Halo with as many players as possible.”

So from the looks of it, we won’t be seeing Halo master chief collection on PC as an Epic Games exclusive. This is assuming that accessibility is their main objective. It would be hypocritical to say that and then release the game as an exclusive.

Microsoft added that they were taking feedback as well. If this feedback is from the PC consumer market then almost nobody will be in favor of The Master Chief Collection PC being an Epic Games exclusive.

We’re not sure what offer was made to 343 Industries or Microsoft either so it’s hard to say. There has been sort of a heel turn in game developers regarding the Epic Games store.

If Microsoft and 343 Industries have seen the controversies surrounding Metro Exodus, Borderlands 3 and now Rocket League, it would be in their best interests to keep Halo: The Master Chief collection PC version on Steam.

People just want to play the Halo games hassle-free on PC. That’s not too much to ask at all. Hopefully Microsoft sticks to their word and releases the Halo master chief collection on Steam and the Microsoft store. They can put it on the Epic Games store as well, just not as an exclusive.

A Halo MCC for PC release date remains unconfirmed.