What is Anthem Team Doing Right Now? Working On Cataclysm Content!

Keeping to his word after the live stream blunder, Jesse Anderson, community manager at Bioware, updates Anthem players on the situation in the Anthem Cataclysm event development.

In a May 8th Tweet, Jesse Anderson revealed what the current work for Anthem was being put in by Bioware.

A cataclysm event for those of you who don’t know is the official term for a universe expanding event. This refers to things like raids in Destiny for example. World of Warcraft has the most popular cataclysm event to date.

This new information is interesting considering that Anthem actually delayed their Act 1 roadmap. This included plans for additional strongholds, legendary tier loot and even a guild system. Additional content included more freeplay events as well.

This Anthem roadmap was delayed indefinitely so the team could focus more on the game’s maintenance. This included squashing Anthem bugs, as well as improving the horrendous Loot drop rates and system overall.

This update from Bioware community manager Jesse Anderson puts a twist on that, however. His statement says that there apparently are people working on the Cataclysm event, which means they aren’t working on the bug fixing?

Were the bugs that Bioware aims to fix actually an excuse? Maybe the development on the Act 1 Anthem roadmap didn’t actually make it in time, and now they’re trying to buy themselves more.

Maybe the rebalancing they’re doing behind the scenes have caused a domino effect which requires tweaks to be made in all the future changes. Cataclysm events are known for being hard to do worldly missions that then grant immense loot. Knowing Anthem’s terrible loot drops and rates, this could indefinitely delay the event until Bioware fixes it.

One can’t blame Jesse Anderson for being the bearer of rather unpleasant news. He still is a bit unorganized and vague with his responses, but that’s Bioware’s fault. In fact, their lack of communications with fans has indirectly made Anderson’s Twitter the source of Anthem patch notes for the community. Assuming anybody’s still around.