PlayStation 5 Will Redefine Game Design, Mark Cerny

PlayStation 5 is discussed in detail by Mark Cerny in his recent Wired interview. One of the things he mentioned is that loading times will be significantly reduced. Sony is working on a custom SSD that will not only reduce loading times on next-generation PlayStation but also change the way games are developed.

Loading times and loading screens often dictate a game’s level design. We have seen this in Anthem which is a large-scale open world game crippled by its loading. According to Mark Cerny, the game design will change with the release of PS5. Sony will change the way game design works by giving developers a tool that’ll minimize loading times.

With each generation, Sony PlayStation changed the way video games are developed. PS4 architecture made it easier to develop video games and release finished products sooner. PS5’s specs will take ease of development one step further by removing a major annoyance, loading times. Loading times will no longer stand in the way of game design and developers must no longer find ways to hide loading screens behind cut-scenes and title screen splashes.

“An ultra hard SSD is the key to our next-generation,” says Mark Cerny.

Our vision is to make loading screens a thing of the past, enabling creators to build new and unique gameplay experiences.

In his Wired interview, Mark Cerny discussed PS5 specs that feature a custom AMD 8-core CPU. The cores are a 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture.  The specs for PS5 are rumored to offer over 12TF of power.

This power would translate into more complicated gameplay mechanics and higher visual fidelity in next-generation PlayStation games. Speaking of games, Mark Cerny confirmed that some of the PS4 games will get a cross-gen release. While the list of cross-gen games is a mystery at the moment, Death Stranding, Spiderman PS4, The Last of Us 2, and Ghost of Tsushima are most likely candidates of cross-gen releases. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is also among the games in active development for PS5.

In fact, Spiderman PS4 is already ported to PS5 devkits to test loading times. According to Mark Cerny, PS5 is able to reduce loading time from 15 seconds to 0.8 seconds in Spiderman.

Older games will run natively on PS5 but the support only extends to PS4 games, according to rumors. PS5 will not support PS3 games via backward compatibility due to wild differences in architecture between the consoles.

PlayStation 5 release date is reportedly set for Fall 2020. Sony recently denied rumors of a 2019 release by saying that PS5 won’t release prior to April 2020.

Source: PlayStation Magazine