QuakeCon Europe Will Feature Doom Eternal Demo

We’ve been aching for some more Doom Eternal news and gameplay. Things like the Doom Eternal release date is something fans would really appreciate. Id Software has confirmed now that Doom Eternal will be playable at the first ever QuakeCon Europe.

Something that started originally as a LAN party meet-up, QuakeCon is now a large official event. For the first time, however, the event will be taking place offshore in London.

Not only that, it’s completely free for the weekend that it takes place on. Considering that QuakeCon Europe will have a playable Doom Eternal demo is a very alluring factor.

This is among other games like the new Wolfenstein games and Cyberpilot VR that releases on the same day as the event itself.

On July 26th, we will also see content from Fallout 76, Rage 2 and even the Elder Scrolls Online since those are all Bethesda creations as well.

Doom Eternal is the centerpiece of the event due to being id Software’s most anticipated game in the pipeline at the current time. Will the playable Doom Eternal Demo be the same build we saw on the Quake livestream?

If so, we’ll be going through the hell torn Earth in the remake of Doom 2’s storyline. The Phobos trailer with the BFG 5000 facility might also be included in the Doom Eternal gameplay demo at QuakeCon Europe.

Will this playable build be released to the public, however? We’re still unsure of a Doom Eternal release date at the current time so it’s hard to tell. Hopefully they do plan to release it this year.

Bethesda has Rage 2, Doom Eternal and the Elder Scrolls Blades as their most marketed releases this year. They better hope these games do well to compensate for the letdown of Fallout 76. Id Software might be able to do for them what Respawn Entertainment did for EA. We’ll see though.

Source: PCgamesn