Dead Cells Mobile Version In The Making, No Release Date Yet

The award-winning roguelike Dead Cells is now going to be coming to mobile devices, though we don’t have a release date for it yet. The Dead Cells mobile version comes after ports have already reached many other platforms including the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch before today.

Dead Cells puts you in the role of a sentient blob of some kind that is able to take over the body of a recently-executed prisoner. Faced now with the chance of escape, players must make their way through a variety of hazardous areas filled with enemies to try and get out of the prison.

The game is known not just for its fast-paced action and difficulty, but the sheer variety of weapons that are available. Ranging from whips to bows and arrows to bombs to shields to turrets and much, much more, Dead Cells has plenty of options to choose from so that you can butcher your way to freedom.

The Dead Cells mobile version looks like it will have all of this and more, possibly, though we don’t know for sure if anything will be added. However, what is most important here is that the game runs and controls well on a mobile phone or other device.

While Dead Cells already has a port for the Nintendo Switch that technically counts as mobile, there you still have joysticks and dedicated buttons, which aren’t possible on a mobile phone.

Instead, players will have to rely on an on-screen interface to make use of all of their weapons and gadgets, along with movement. Thankfully Dead Cells not only isn’t too graphically intensive but also fairly simple to play, so developer Motion Twin won’t have too much trouble.

Once again the Dead Cells mobile version doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can subscribe to Playdigious’s YouTube channel (they’re publishing it for mobile) or just keep an eye on our website for when it does come out.