New Black Ops 4 Update Brings Operation Spectre Rising on Xbox One and PC

Latest Black Ops 4 update is now live on all platforms. This update brings Operation Spectre Rising to the PC and Xbox One version of Black Ops 4, a week after its release on PS4 due to the exclusive deal between Activision and Sony.

The update also brings various changes to the game along with some double XP events for feature playlists, which you can check out below.

  • Multiplayer: 2XP in Map Pack Moshpit
  • Zombies: 2XP in Super Blood Wolf Moon
  • Blackout: 2X Merits in Bounty Hunter

The double XP event is available on all platforms which ends on Friday, May 10.

After installing this update, Black Ops 4 players will have access to Operation Spectre Rising content including a new specialist called Specter. Specter is one of the famous specialists from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Players can unlock Specter in multiplayer or Blackout mode by completing tier level 1 of Black Market. Do note that Specter will not have any special abilities like the Shadow Blade and Smoke, when equipped in the battle royale mode.

The Black Market has also received changes with Operation Spectre Rising Update. There are now 50 new tiers available filled with new Contraband items for the players to unlock. New weapons in the Contraband stream include Tigershark LMG and Nifo’Oti melee weapon for Xbox One and PC players.

Black Ops 4 Pass owners of PC and Xbox One can now finally start playing on new DLC maps in the multiplayer mode. These new maps include Masquerade, Artifact, and WMD. Black Ops 4 Bounty Hunter mode is now also live for Xbox One and PC players.

The highly anticipated Alcatraz map has also returned on all platforms. As for other map changes in Blackout, large areas of the map (Rivertown, Factory, etc) are now flooded due to the recent massive explosion at Hydro Dam.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 zombies mode has also received some changes. There’s now a new “Super Blood Wolf Moon” Gauntlet available. The new Tigershark LMG weapon has been also added to the Mystery Box.

With that out of the way, Black Ops 4 Prop Hunt mode will arrive on May 10 for Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC with some additional changes outlined by Treyarch. Interested folks can read the full patch notes as they are now available.