Treyarch Outlines Changes Coming to Black Ops 4 Prop Hunt and Bounty Modes

Treyarch has now announced that new changes are coming to Black Ops 4’s Prop hunt and Bounty Hunter modes. These new modes were part of the latest Operation Spectre Rising, which arrived last week exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 4. Fans have been enjoying the two new Black Ops 4 modes lately but Treyarch has discovered some known issues which they will be fixing soon.

Senior Game Designer Matt Scronce went on Twitter to outline these improvements coming to both game modes. As for Black Ops 4’s Bounty Hunter mode, the developer is looking into delaying Shadow Blade’s purple beam in the game’s beginning in order to “avoid cramped fights when first landing”.

In addition to this, some tweaks were made to the mode last Friday which include “a reduced roll speed and an increased cooldown between rolls for Spectre”.

Different changes have also been made to Black Ops 4 Prop Hunt mode as well. Props will now take underwater damage, meaning that you can’t stay underwater for an unlimited time.

Moreover, Treyarch is also addressing Nuketown decoy problems, which caused some props to have increased health. In the end, Matt Scronce added that “Best Play improvements for Props” are also coming, although, no details were given. These changes are expected to go live soon on PS4. Black Ops 4’s Prop Hunt mode will arrive on May 10 for Xbox One and PC players.

With that out of the way, Black Ops 4 Alcatraz is scheduled to return today on Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC. Alcatraz is one of the new Blackout maps which launched as a part of the previous operation but was replaced shortly by Bounty Hunter mode. Finally, the map is returning with some improvements which are yet to be revealed.

Below is the list of features coming to Black Ops 4 this week.

  • Spectre – multiplayer for Xbox One/PC
  • Wetworks map update + Bounty Hunter in Blackout – Xbox One/PC
  • Super Blood Wolf Moon Gauntlet in Zombies mode – Xbox One/PC
  • Alcatraz returns to Blackout May 7 on all systems
  • Prop Hunt arrives on May 10 for Xbox One/PC

If you are interested in the upcoming modes and maps, you can grab Black Ops 4 Battle Edition today on PC. Black Ops 4 Battle Edition comes with multiplayer and battle royale mode only.