Tim Sweeney Does A 180, Says Microsoft And Epic Games Relationship Is Better Than Ever

A few years ago, Tim Sweeney of Epic Games criticized Microsoft for supposedly wanting to monopolize the gaming market on PC and other areas. Now, however, Sweeney has done a 180 and today released a statement that the Microsoft and Epic Games relationship is better than ever with all of Microsoft’s changes.

Apparently, a variety of policy shifts in Microsoft is responsible for the change in attitude. A series of changes in company policies and the arrival of the Universal Windows Platform have been part of the reasons for Sweeney’s shift.

The Universal Windows Platform is an open-source API that allows people to make apps for Windows PCs. This, coupled with HoloLens, the various services now available in the Windows Store, and Xbox Game Pass, which extends to PC, are also some of the reasons why Tim Sweeney now approves of Microsoft.

Even though the company no longer produces Microsoft exclusive games like Gears of War, which was always one of Microsoft’s biggest games, Epic Games has found renewed success in Fortnite, which is available on essentially every platform and is taking in record earnings.

Tim Sweeney said that another big thing in the Microsoft and Epic Games relationship is that the various new changes have made Microsoft into an open ecosystem where everyone can compete, not like Microsoft’s console market.

Sweeney has also said that Microsoft runs on replacing its hardware profit losses through profit gains made by selling software, and to Epic that’s apparently a business model that they enjoy.

Sweeney even said that if a number of developers got together to make a console of their own, he’d like it to be used the same way, for software to fund the hardware. Hopefully we can see more of the Microsoft and Epic Games relationship in the future, and hopefully it will continue to be a success.