Microsoft Teases A Minecraft Augmented Reality Game

After the massive success of Pokemon Go, Niantic has essentially brought a huge chunk of attention to the Augmented Reality (mixed reality) genre. Now it looks like Microsoft is ready to dive into this genre with the Minecraft augmented reality game.

All we know about it right now is this teaser video that Microsoft published.

Could we be seeing a Pokemon Go style Minecraft AR game soon? I suppose we’ll know on the 17th of May as the end of the teaser told us.

The video depicts Saxs Persson, director of Minecraft, seemingly distracted on his phone by something. After getting a notification from his other device, he sets the phone down and walks off. A woman nearby wanting to return the phone picks it up.

Upon doing so, she sees the pavement in front of her being rendered with blocky textures and a Minecraft pig on it. Soon after she also interacts with two Minecraft villagers, after which Persson comes back to take his phone again.

The ad ends with the May 17th announcement, meaning we’ll learn more about this project then. Is Minecraft getting the same treatment that Niantic gave Pokemon and Harry Potter?

If so, how exactly will it work? Minecraft didn’t exactly have collectible items or creatures the way Pokemon does. It doesn’t have the scale of fighting that Harry Potter does either. So what could it be?

The glimpse we had of Minecraft AR also featured a little tool kit and item slots. Perhaps the game involves walking around and forging creations in the simulated real world? Just a thought.

I doubt Notch was involved with this in any way considering his departure from Mojang. Perhaps Microsoft is trying to cash in on the mobile gaming trend? Something Diablo and multiple recent AAA titles have been doing.