Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Reveal Coming Next Month, Respawn Confirms

We have a clear idea about where the game will take us and why. However, we haven’t seen any Jedi Fallen Order gameplay yet. Respawn Entertainment promises to change that next month by showcasing some gameplay.

The Jedi Fallen Order release date is set for November 15th 2019. Until now, We’ve only received a cinematic trailer and some plot details about the game. The gameplay reveal announcement was made in a tweet by the CEO of Respawn Entertainment:

So the Jedi Fallen Order gameplay will be showcased at E3 2019, an event we know Electronic Art will be involved in. Hopefully, this fills the void Sony left behind by confirming that they won’t be appearing for E3 2019 conference.

We can expect several things to expect coming from Jedi Fallen Order. I’m not just talking about the developers going into the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I’m also referring to specific gameplay elements.

We know that the game will be melee based. This is due to the perspective being from that of a Jedi Padawan running away from The Order 66. That means we can safely expect a lot of lightsaber combat as well as the use for Force.

Furthermore, we know that the gameplay will be arranged in a linear format as well. Not exactly open-world but also not just a straightforward path. Rather, small maps to explore for enemies and perhaps secrets as well.

Respawn Entertainment has showcased talent in making a single-player experience before. I’m of course, talking about TitanFall 2. The game may not have had a successful multiplayer launch but was greatly appreciated for its single-player story.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order releases November 15th on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Here’s everything we know about the game so far.