Fortnite Season 8 Week 10 Challenges Guide – Free Challenges, Battle Pass Challenges

Another week and we continue with another series of challenges in Fortnite. Epic Games weekly puts out challenges for the players in order to gain those Battle Stars. Week 10 Battle Pass Challenges have arrived for players to continue to get the Battle Stars, XP, and level up. Here’s how you can complete everything you need to complete Fortnite Season 8 Week 10 Challenges.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 10 Challenges

Completing these challenges will reward you with new loot and gear as well. The challenges are all straightforward and doing them as suggested will take less of your time and you’ll be rewarded quickly.

Launch through Flaming Hoops with A Cannon

In a total, you have to jump through three flaming hoops but you wouldn’t have to go around finding these, as there are already many of them scattered around the world.

Find the rings, line up the cannon with the ring, and shoot yourself through each of the three Flaming Hoops. They appear near the Pirate Camp. The locations are:

  1. Lazy Lagoon
  2. Southwest of Pleasant Park
  3. Frozen Lake
  4. Loot Lake
  5. West of Salty Springs

Completing the challenge will reward you with 5 Battle Stars.

Harvest Wood in A Single Match

  1. Harvest 500 Wood
  2. Harvest 400 Stone
  3. Harvest 300 Metal

Make sure to harvest these things in a single match. Completing the whole challenge will reward you with 5 Battle Stars.

Eliminate Opponents at Titled Tower or the Block

This challenge requires you to eliminate at least three players in either Tilted Towers or The Block. It’ll be wise for you to choose the place that you are more familiar with. Completing this challenge rewards you with 20 Battle Stars.

Deal Damage with an Infantry Rifle or Heavy Assault Rifle

This challenge requires you to deal 500 damage by using either an Infantry Rifle or Heavy Assault Rifle.

Both of these are medium-range weapons but Heavy Assault Rifle is an automatic weapon. Complete the challenge and get rewarded with 5 Battle Stars.

Search the Treasure Map Signpost found in Junk Junction

Go to the Junk Junction; find the purple crate, and the Junk Junction Treasure Map location will be behind it.

Stand next to it and press the button prompt to reveal the next location and the next stage of the challenge. You’ll be rewarded 5 Battle Stars on completing the challenge.

Deal Damage within 10s of Landing after Using a Volcano Vent

As the challenge suggests, after you are done using the Volcano Vent, you only have 10 seconds to deal 100 damage. Get a close-range weapon for this one. Complete the challenge and get 10 Battle Stars.

Eliminate an Opponent from Closer than 5m Away

Again, you need to use a close-ranged weapon for this challenge. Any close-range weapon would do for the challenge and it should deliver some good amount of challenge.

Land somewhere you know you will find a lot of players and shoot them in a distance shorter than 5m. Do this with two players and you’ll complete this challenge. You’ll be rewarded with 10 Battle Stars.

With this, you’re done with your Fortnite Season 8 Week 10 Challenges.