Halo PC Will Offer Cross-Platform Data Transfer From Console

Over the last few weeks, since the confirmation of Halo MCC on PC, questions have been filling the air. One of them was regarding cross-platform play. While that part wasn’t directly answered, 343 Industries community director did enlighten us on the connection between Halo on Console and Halo on PC.

Here’s what Brian Jarrard of 343 Industries had to say specifically:

So we can’t be too sure about Halo cross-platform just yet. However, we can be certain that whatever progression we made on our original Halo playthroughs will be carried over to Halo on the PC.

We don’t have a Halo PC release date as of yet. We might still have a while to wait due to project complexities that were mentioned in the development.

The mention of progression carrying over is a huge relief to me personally as a Halo Reach player. Anybody who’s played Halo Reach will know the struggle of getting to those higher levels. Unlocking the Mark V for example or some of the GUNGR variations. The dread of having to do that all over again from scratch on Halo PC was a bit scary.

Cross-Platform play on an FPS shooter game is less likely to happen. This is purely due to the unbalanced gameplay from the accuracy of a mouse vs the right thumbstick. I doubt there’ll be any sort of cross-platform play, especially considering the servers for the Xbox 360 games are more or less inactive. This might mean Halo PC will stick to its own platform for multiplayer.

Fans can still rejoice since this means we might reunite with a good bunch of our old friends without needing to find their gamertags. I wonder if the whole profile will be crossed over.

The Halo Master Chief Collection will release on PC at an unconfirmed date. The game is developed by 343 Industries and owned by Microsoft.