BioWare to fix Known Issues of Anthem Patch 1.1 With a Small Update Next Week

BioWare plans to fix known issues of Anthem‘s Patch 1.1 with a small update arriving next week. This information was revealed by Anthem’s global community manager Jesse Anderson. Unfortunately, Anderson didn’t reveal anything else about the upcoming update.

Apparently, the update’s focus is on fixing issues only, which is why you shouldn’t expect to see any loot changes or new content in Anthem after installing the update next week.

EA has outlined some of the known fixes faced by the players after installing Anthem patch 1.1. These issues include disappearing enemies in the new Sunken Cell Stronghold, DLSS Screen Freeze and many more. You can check out the official list of known issues below which we are expecting to be fixed in the upcoming update.

  • Invisible assets or enemies after dying too many times in Sunken Cell stronghold – If a squad wipes 10+ times they may run into this issue.
  • Elite Ash Brutes in this stronghold are entering idle and still move when frozen – This only affects Ash Brutes in this stronghold.
  • DLSS Screen Freeze – For PC players with DLSS enabled, if they play an Arcanist Secrets world quest during free play, the screen will freeze upon interacting with the vault. The UI updates, but their exo and the world are stuck in place. During this time, the user is free to move around and play, but nothing will change on the screen until the timer is done, at which point everything recovers.
  • Bright white screen in Forge after cutscene – After a cutscene has ended, accessing the Forge in the expedition leads to bright white lighting that covers all but the UI elements. The effect persists in the Forge until the end of the expedition.
  • Lower stats on components, gear and weapons – The current values on some items are incorrect and show a lower value than before the update. This is a visual issue and does not impact the stats provided.
  • Vault space – After the 1.1.0 update players may have noticed that the space in their vault has increased or gone over the limit. This was due to a bug being fixed where Ranger items were not properly being taken into account for space. Clearing out items from your vault will fix this issue.

The upcoming small update will arrive on Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC. We will let you know once the upcoming Anthem update goes live next week along with its patch notes.

Despite the terrible launch and loot problems, BioWare remains committed to Anthem. There’s now a big team working on Anthem’s upcoming content and also focused on “improving the game.”