Battlefield 5 Limited Sprint Feature Is Not Happening, DICE Confirms

Limited sprint in Battlefield 5 is not happening despite the data found in a recent Datamine. This was confirmed by Florian, core Gameplay Designer of Battlefield V. Florian took it to Twitter to calm down the fans who were expecting to see the return of limited sprint feature in Battlefield series.

Florian then advised the community to not believe in everything that is discovered by data miners for Battlefield V. That’s true because of most of the things discovered inside game files turn out to be canceled.

Limited Sprint BFV

Why there’s a demand for the limited sprint feature in Battlefield 5? Because the first two Battlefield games in the series had limited sprint. Basically, this limited sprint feature makes the use of vehicles more important and movements more tactical. This way, whenever you need to run, you have to keep an eye on the limited sprint meter so you don’t get caught with no sprint left in the open.

This also affected classes and weapons. It’s something suitable for the hardcore mode. The mention of the limited sprint in the BF5 game files also means that its something DICE tried at some point but didn’t work out well, which is why they didn’t feature it in the final build of the game. That’s pretty much all that we can say about it. Nevertheless, It’s possible for DICE to make it happen in the future.

That said, DICE Community Manager Jeff Braddock has announced that a new Battlefield 5 update with visibility changes is coming sometime in May. This update will increase the soldier visibility in the game “while maintaining a believable artistic and gameplay balance.”

The new system is capable of making soldiers properly visible in very dark and very bright environments, and allows for more consistent visibility across all environmental situations.

The new system also better conserves the colors of a soldier’s uniform to prevent very dark or very bright uniforms from having an unintended gameplay advantage. This doesn’t mean your soldier’s uniform skins don’t matter.

Battlefield 5 might have been a disappointment for Electronic Arts (EA) but DICE continues to support the game. DICE has now also released a survey, which the fans should answer in order to shape a better future for Battlefield V on Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC.