Activision Blizzard To Reveal Modern Warfare 4 Trailer Soon

The publisher behind the Call of Duty franchise, Activision, has expressed great pleasure in the work Infinity Ward has been putting into Call of Duty 2019. Recently, they announced that we’ll be seeing something soon regarding the fabled Modern Warfare 4, perhaps a trailer?

The confirmation was made in an investor’s conference where Activision Blizzard was happy to affirm their beliefs in Infinity Ward with the latest Call of Duty title.

Specifically, they mentioned the reveal of Call of Duty 2019 to be made before the end of this quarter. That puts us between today and the end of June for a Modern Warfare 4 trailer.

We know that some lucky NFL players were given the chance to see Modern Warfare 4 firsthand before any of us.

The knowledge that they played it alone is enough to guess that the trailer is imminent. The game is clearly in a playable state, Infinity Ward has said so themselves.

Call of Duty trailers and reveals usually happen around this time of the year as well anyways. Call of Duty 2019 doesn’t look like it will deviate from that pattern either.

Activision Blizzard does need something to save their damaged and dampened stocks anyways. All that saved them last time was Warcraft and the Candy Crush Saga. The next best thing is probably Modern Warfare 4.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting a return to the Modern Warfare series ever since it left off on Captain Price smoking a cigar on the roof. It’ll be interesting to see how they even continue the story due to the rather decisive conclusion of the series with its third installment.

Either way, Call of Duty 2019 has the green light from Activision Blizzard, though this could merely be an act of promotion. We don’t know for sure how the game is until its proper reveal. Can Infinity Ward be trusted?

Here’s all we know on Modern Warfare 4 so far regarding leaks, gameplay and other info.