Days Gone Nero Checkpoint and Nero Injector Locations Guide

Nero Checkpoints in Days Gone are essentially labs that contain Nero Injectors. It’s a good idea to try to find every single one of them because these NIs will allow you to increase Deacon’s HP, Stamina, and Focus.

In order to open up these Nero Checkpoints in Days Gone, you’ll need to fuel a generator and then head inside.

Sometimes, you’ll also require a fuse for which you’ll have to interact with the fuse box that will provide you with some hints about the whereabouts of the fuse.

Days Gone Nero Checkpoints Locations

There are a total of 12 Nero Checkpoints in the game and in this Days Gone Guide, we’ve shared the locations of all these Nero Checkpoints and Nero Injectors.

After completing a Nero Checkpoint, you receive a Nero Injector and a Nero Intel collectible.

On the other hand, the used Nero Checkpoint becomes a fast travel point.

Nero Checkpoint #1: Little Bear Lake

Location: Cascade Region
The first Nero Checkpoint is hard to miss as it is part of the mission “Bugged the Hell Out” during this mission as Boozer gets injured. Before starting the generator try to cut the loudspeaker.

Nero Checkpoint #2: Horse Lake

Location: Cascade Region
Behind the Nero building, you’ll see a car. Push it down the hill, follow the car down the hill, and get on top of the car to climb on top of the Checkpoint’s roof. Fuel for the generator can be found near the fence.

Nero Checkpoint #3: Old Pioneer Cemetery

Location: Cascade Region
This one is comparatively easy! You’ll see that this place is surrounded by Freakers that are protecting the fuel canisters. Kill them and take the fuel to power the generator located near the fence.

Nero Checkpoint #4: Marion Forks Tunnel

Location: Belknap Region
After reaching this Nero Checkpoint, you’ll have to locate the fuel canister that is on the back of a military vehicle near the tunnel.

You’ll have to interact with the door panel after which you’ll receive some hints regarding the whereabouts of the fuse.

Nero Checkpoint #5: Iron Butte PassNero

Location: Belknap Region
Once you’ve reached this Nero Checkpoint, you’ll find the fuel camp near a pile of trash on the far left side of it. Apart from the fuel, you’ll also need scrap to repair the generator.

Nero Checkpoint #6: Old Sawmill

Location: Lost Lake Region
The generator for this Nero Checkpoint is located at the center near a big rock. Fuel, on the other hand, can be found in one of the tents located on the right side.

Nero Checkpoint #7: Santiam Tunnel

Location: Lost Lake Region
Upon reaching this checkpoint, you’ll realize that this Nero Checkpoint involves more steps than previous checkpoints. In order to recover the fuse, you’ll have to destroy a nest located near the checkpoint.

As for the fuel, it’s located in one of the tents. Nero Generator is located at the back of the checkpoint.

Nero Checkpoint #8: Rogue Tunnel

Location: Lost Lake Region
Next to the Nero Checkpoint. you’ll see a parked SUV. You can recover fuel from it. The generator is located on the opposite end of the Nero Checkpoint.

Nero Checkpoint #9: Spruce Lake

Location: Crater Lake Region
Fuel can be recovered from the tents. After examining the fuse box, recover the fuse. Follow instructions to find one. It’ll on top of the hill in a small box.

Nero Checkpoint #10: Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway

Location: Crater Lake Region
The generator is located near the fenced area at the checkpoint while fuel can be found near the yellow school bus.

Nero Checkpoint #11: Chemult Community College

Location: Highway 97 Region
In order to unlock this area, do more missions in Crater Lake. Once unlocked, travel to the Nero Checkpoints. The fuse can be found in one of the tents while fuel is under a wooden roof.

Nero Checkpoint #12: Pillette Bridge

Location: Highway 97 Region
The generator is located near the fenced area near the Nero Checkpoint while fuel is near the small security building at the entrance.

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