Best Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Mods to Try on PC For a Different Experience

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice by FromSoftware is now out and PC players can take advantage of several mods created by the modding community to add some extra features to the game. Today we will be listing some of the best mods that you can use with Sekiro. Most of these Sekiro mods try to make the game run and look better. Some mods can even increase or slow time in the game, or change outfit of the protagonist, add visual effects and more.

Keep in mind that there’s a chance of your save data being lost as these mods change some game files. To counter this, players should create a backup of their save data file before trying out any mods. Once done, you can check out our list of best Sekiro mods below.

Sekiro Engine Mod (Required)

Sekiro Engine Mod is required to be installed first as many mods depend on it. It’s a file editor that allows players to modify weapons, armors, parameters, textures, and more. Sekiro mod engine also skips some of the game logos at the start so you can head straight into the action without any wait.

Sekiro Frame rate unlock, Change Field of View (FOV), Custom resolutions, Game Speed Change, and More

This single mod package brings some of the most powerful tweaks to Sekiro on PC. Players with a powerful PC can use this mod to unlock the frame rate in order to achieve better performance. In addition to this, there’s also an option which allows you to play the game on an ultrawide monitor. There’s also an option to change the game speed to run slower or faster while preserving your character’s original speed. This also acts like an easy difficulty mod allowing you to counter enemy and boss attacks in an easy way.

Costume Pack Mod (Emma, Genichiro, a big frog and More)

As the title suggests, this is a costume mod for replacing the player’s character model. With this installed, you can choose to play with characters like Emma, an Ashina samurai, Genichiro, Isshin, a monkey and more as when they get added in the future.

Native PlayStation 4 Buttons Mod

This mod simply adds Sony’s DualShock 4 button prompts to the game. In addition to this, the mod also changes button layout and menu images to make it easier for you to remap controls. It’s a must install for anyone who’s facing issues when using a PS4 controller to play Sekiro on PC.

Black Sekiro and White Mod

This mod simply changes the boring brown and orange outfit of the protagonist to black or white. Use this mod to equip Wolf with black scarf and pants or with a black and red scarf. To make it work, you are required to have Sekiro Mod engine installed.

Sekiro Beard Mod

Give Wolf a beard by using this mod. This mod also brings a darker shade to Wolf’s hair. Give it a try if you are tired of Wolf’s same old look in the game. To install, you have to place the “parts” folder into the “mods” folder in your install directory.

Swords of Moonlight Mod

This mod replaces Sekiro’s sword with either the Moonlight Greatsword from Dark Souls 3 or the Holy Moonlight Sword from BloodBorne. Keep in mind that this mod is cosmetic only as it doesn’t affect damage, hitbox, special effects, animations, and sounds.

Holy Moonlight Kusabimaru Mod (Change the appearance of katana)

This mod is a stunning reskin of Sekiro’s Katana, Kusabimaru. It is inspired by Bloodborne’s version of moonlight sword. Do check out the mod’s description to successfully install this mod. The reskin of Katana does look amazing so give this mod a try today.

Elemental Weapon Buffs

This mod enables unique damage buffs in the game along with 8 cosmetic effects including fire, lightning, blood, and Divine’s confetti’s effect. These can be consumed from your inventory and last for 3 minutes only.

Sekiro Simple Realistic Shade

This Sekiro simple realistic mod is designed especially for NVIDIA Optimus laptops. In short, this mod changes the saturation and colour balance of the image along with some depth-of-field effects. Once installed, this mod can be activated by pressing INSERT key. You can also press the END key for a side by side comparison.

Sekiro HDR Preset

Players can use this mod to make the in-game visuals look more realistic and colorful. This mod can be initiated by using the “NUMPAD7” key and the creator suggests this mod to be used in Dark or Night time locations.

Thomas the Snake Engine Mod

Last but not least, this mod simply replaces the Great Serpent with a giant Thomas the Tank Engine. This is a fun mod and users who have tried this are absolutely loving it. The creator has mentioned that this mod is a parody and is not affiliated with Thomas the Tank Engine or Thomas and Friends.

That’s it for today. We hope that you’ll find something worthy to try from our list of best mods for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice on PC.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice published by Activision can now be played on Microsoft’s Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.