Days Gone Money Farming Guide – How to Earn Credits Fast, Credits Farming Tips

Credits in Days Gone are hard to come by, especially once you’re done with all the Main Missions and Side Missions associated with a camp. If you want to get your hands on *all the weapons* and bike upgrades, you’ll need to have plenty of money at your disposal. Moreover, *each camp in Days Gone* has its own credits tally. Basically, credits from one camp don’t transfer to the others. In our Money Farming Guide, we’ll help you learn some ways using which you should be able to earn some credits in Days Gone.

Days Gone Credits Farming Tips

Money or Credits is an integral part of Days Gone experience. You need to have the best available weapons and all the bike upgrades if you want to stand a chance in surviving the harsh world.

As mentioned earlier, every camp has its own Credit Limit that is 10,000. Therefore, if you’ve got the credits of one camp, you can’t use it at some other camp.

Since money in Days Gone is directly proportional to your survival, here are some quick and easy credits farming tips.

How to Earn Money Fast in Days Gone?

First of all, it goes without saying but Side Missions and Main Missions reward you with a lot of credits. Once you’ve sufficient credits, you can gain access to upgrades, repairs, and resources, and more from Camp Vendors.

In addition to credits, you’ll also need a certain Trust Level with these vendors. Read more about it in our separate guide. But what to do when you’ve dried up your Main Missions and Side Missions associated with a camp?

1. Help Camp Dwellers
Often, you’ll get calls from the local camp members saying that they need help or have a job for you.

You’ve got the complete liberty to ignore or work for them. While traveling, you’ll see gang members torturing camp people. It’s up to you to help or ignore.

You should always consider helping your camp members even if you’ve to go out of your way. Not only this will provide you with a lot of credits, but you’ll also increase your Trust Level by doing so. And this is something you should do often.

2. Attack Enemy Outposts
Apart from this, attacking enemy check posts and areas, eliminating them, and recovering their resources and stuff also helps you earn some extra credits on the side.

3. Farm Freaker Ears
If you’re well-equipped, travel at night and take on some Freaker Hordes, kill them, and collect resources (especially their Freaker Ears) that can be traded at camps for money. Check out our *Freaker Ears Farming Guide* for more info.

4. Find Herbology Plants and Hunt Wildlife
You should also consider killing wild animals and collect their resources. Meat can be sold at the camps. Therefore, kill as many wild animals as you can which will increase your Trust Level and net you some extra money.

While exploring, stay alert and look around carefully for valuable Herbology Plants located at the woods, recover them, and trade them at the camps.

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