Deleted Tweet From Hideo Kojima Reveals 8 Minute Long Death Stranding Trailer

We saw a teaser for a Death Stranding trailer in the form of a recent Instagram post from Hideo Kojima. Now, a deleted tweet reveals another piece of news regarding an upcoming Death Stranding trailer. According to this deleted Tweet, this supposed Death Stranding trailer is actually 8 minutes long.

Here’s the image from his deleted tweet. The internet never forgets, Kojima-San.

An eight-minute Death Stranding trailer should reveal what Death Stranding is about. We barely know anything about the new Sony exclusive outside of the hints that Hideo Kojima has been dropping so it is about time the curtains are properly lifted.

We recently had a more insightful leak about how everybody will be connected in the world of Death Stranding. That’s just about it though.

We still have almost no idea what the game itself is about. All we’ve seen is disturbing, morbid but all the more exciting footage from a few teasers. Ones that featured big names like Norman Reedus who also haven’t stopped talking about the game.

No doubt the marketing team behind Death Stranding has kept their lips very tightly sealed shut surrounding the development of the game.

The title has been in development for a long time and there are reports that it may end up being a PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 cross-gen title.