Step Aside Avengers, Santa Monica Studios Says Kratos Can Beat Thanos

God of War developer Santa Monica Studios argues Kratos can single-handedly beat the mighty Thanos.

Captain Marvel who?? This seems like a job for The God of War. In a Tweet accompanied by an amazing custom made GIF, Santa Monica Studios says Kratos is far better equipped to deal with The Infinity Gauntlet wielding Thanos.

The GIF animation is custom made by Erica Pinto, who is the lead narrative animator of God of War. It is a reminiscence of the “But I’m not a rapper” meme that went viral back in 2014.

Well if anyone is capable of dealing with the mighty titan Thanos, who better than someone who has a long resume of killing Gods and Titans alike. Kratos has so many kills on his hands that someone actually had to create an “official” kill list for him. The list is quite long, is definitely worth the read, and can be found here.

If that’s not enough to convince you then get this! Earlier this month, Kratos The God of War also appeared on the front cover of Men’s Health in Singapore.

Thor didn’t manage to kill Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War even though his Stormbreaker axe was lodged right into Thanos’ heart. But Kratos? He would chop Thanos’ head right off… or rip Thanos in two equal pieces using his bare hands after going into Spartan Rage Mode.

However it may be between Thanos and Kratos, it seems that the God of War will be killing a lot of Norse Gods in the sequel. It is possible that the next God of War will be for the PS5. Another possibility is that Ragnarok, the prophesied Norse apocalypse, is imminent.

What do you think? Can Kratos—The God of War beat the mighty titan Thanos from Avengers? Let us know.

You can get Santa Monica Studios’ God of War on the PS4 while Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame is playing right now in theatres.