Anthem Community Manager Addressed Dying Anthem Roadmap

After a long silence and a pointless live stream, people continue to wonder what’s going on behind the scenes for Anthem roadmap. Finally, Bioware community manager Jesse Anderson (who was also present at the live stream) broke his silence and spoke about the Anthem roadmap situation.

It’s pretty clear that the whole situation is really just an apology. An apology for how long Bioware stayed silent over the whole issue of Anthem’s loot and roadmap, which there is none this point. According to Jesse, the silent treatment was a way to ensure there is no miscommunication. BioWare only wishes to communicate features and updates it can actually deliver in time.

This all points back to the heavy amount of criticism that Anthem faced during their unresponsive live stream during which Anderson froze up. The freeze was due to the developers coming across the very same issue that the community has been complaining about, bad loot drops.

It’s unfair to blame Anderson for something the higher-ups must’ve made him do. After all, it wasn’t he who decided to go silent about Anthem’s Roadmap and ongoing issues. Rather it was to ensure that there’s no misinformation given out ahead of Bioware’s attempts to fix Anthem.

He also promised that next time, he will tell the community beforehand if he needs to go silent again. This is a step Bioware needed to take last time as well.

The only part of this thread I can properly criticize is the fact that he spoke about what the community should’ve asked for. When doing a live stream, you can’t dictate people on what to ask. If you want them to focus more on the game’s story and gameplay design, you need to fix the game first.

It’s also hard to ask the community for what you want when you yourself have been silent to them for weeks. Hopefully, Bioware and Anthem pick themselves back up.