Days Gone Crafting Guide – All Crafting Recipes, Farming Crafting Materials, How to Craft

Crafting is a skill in Days Gone that you can use to produce new items to attack opponents. They become available when you switch on the Wheel of Survival. You can select a category from it and then select the item to produce based on Crafting Recipes you already know. We’ve prepared this handy Crafting Guide to help learn all you need to know about the different items you can craft in Days Gone.

Days Gone Crafting

As previously mentioned, you can only produce items based on Crafting Recipes that obtain and if you’ve got the right Crafting Materials. Missing Crafting Materials are marked red in the Wheel of Survival.

Deacon can produce a limited number of items of the same type but you can somewhat increase your carrying capacity with the Carry That Weight skill.

Moreover, you cannot produce ammunition for a firearm or First Aid Kits. Ammo must be found in boxes or purchased from merchants but you can still craft ordinary Crossbows Bolts.

First-Aid Kits may be looted from dead enemies and you can create bandages along with healing cocktails to restore your health.

Getting Crafting Recipes

Crafting Recipes can be obtained through two methods:

  1. Finishing Story Missions that, sometimes, will reward you with some of them.
  2. Search the bunker under Ambush Camp.

All Crafting Recipes Locations

Items Crafting Recipes Locations and Uses
Bandage Dress Cloth x1, Sterilizer 1x These will heal deacon and are automatically unlocked when you play the prologue.
Stamina Cocktail Cloth x1, Berry x1, Sterilizer 1x This will immediately restore your stamina while slowly recovering points of stamina over time. You get this after the Horse Creek Ambush Camp.
Focus Cocktail Cloth 1x, Mushroom x1, Sterilizer 1x Restores a small amount of focus points.  This can be obtained by clearing the Belknap Caves Ambush Camp.
Molotov Can 1x, Rag x1, Gun Powder x1, Scrap x1 These are great for setting fire to large groups of enemies and burning Freakers’ nests. They’re automatically unlocked while passing through the tunnel while accompanied by Boozer in the Prologue.
Smoke Bomb Beer Bottle x1, Rag x1, Kerosene x1 Makes it difficult for enemies and snipers to hit you. This can be unlocked after clearing the  the Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp.
Proximity Bomb Can x1, Spark Igniter x1, Gun Powder x1, Box of Nails x1, Scrap x1 This trap requires a lot of crafting materials so it’s recommended that you use it when you have a bunch of enemies gathered in one spot. You have to attack and clear the Berley Lake Ambush Camp to unlock it. You’ll find the plans in the bunker under the camp.
Spiked Stool Leg Stool Leg x1, Box of Nails x1, Scrap x1 Install nails to this item and you can cause a lot of pain to enemies. It becomes unlocked once you begin the mission No Starving Patriots.
Stool Leg Axe Stool Leg x1, Sawblade x1, Scrap x1 This item can be found in the world. Attach blades to increase damage rate.
Spiked Fence Post Fence Post x1, Box of Nails x1, Scrap x1 Explore the game world to find this item and the install nails to increase its damage. It becomes available during the mission No Starving Patriots.
Fence Post Axe Fence Post x1, Sawblade x1, Scrap x1 Explore the world to find it and then attach blades to it.
Spiked 2×4 2×4 x1, Box of Nails x1, Scrap x1 You can find this item on the trunk of pick-ups around the world. The installation of nails increases its damage.
2×4 Axe 2×4 x1, Sawblade x1, Scrap x1 This can be found during your journey through the game world – usually it lies freely on the trunk of pick-ups. Attaching the saw blades to it greatly increases the damage rate.
Spiked Bat Wood Baseball Bat x1, Box of Nails x1, Scrap x1 A baseball bat can be found in the mission No Starving Patriots. You will find the plan in the bunker under the robbers ‘ camp. Install nails to it so that it has greater damage rate.
Bat Axe Wood Baseball Bat x1, Sawblade x1, Scrap x1 Attach a sawblade to a baseball bat to increase its damage after you clearing the Black Crater Ambush Camp. You’ll find the plans in the bunker under the camp.
Superior Club Wood Baseball Bat x1, Small Pipe x1, Scrap x1 Strengthen a baseball bat by using a pipe. The plans for this item can be found when you clear the Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush Camp.
Crossbow Bolt Cedar Sapling x1, Scrap x1 This item is automatically unlocked after retrieving the crossbow from the weapon locker in the Hideout on the top of the O’Leary mountain.
Residue Bolt Cedar Sapling x1, Nest Residue x1, Scrap x1 The plans are obtained after completing the mission They’re Not Sleeping.
Incendiary Bolt Cedar Seedling x1, Rag x1, Kerosene x1, Scrap x1 This item acts as an alternative to Molotov cocktails. They set enemies on fire but you can’t set fire to opponents like you could with the Molotovs. It becomes available after attacking the Deerborn Ambush Camp.
Attractor Can x1, Alarm Clock or Car Alarm x1, Scrap x1 You can use this item to damage large groups of Freakers, as they gather around by throwing some bomb or Molotov cocktail at the same place. These plans are unlocked automatically after completing the story mission Do You Have My Back?
Explosive Bolt Cedar Sapling x1, Gunpowder x1, Spark Igniter x1, Scrap x1 Each bolt, at the moment of impact, can cause damage to all enemies who are near the place of explosion. Unlock it by clearing out the Aspen Butte Ambush Camp this is one of the final regions of the world map – Highway 97.

Crafting Materials Locations

Crafting Materials Used In Locations
Empty Bottle N/A To be Added.
Beer Bottle Molotov To be Added.
Empty Can N/A To be Added.
Rag Molotov, Health Cocktail, Stamina Cocktail To be Added.
Antiseptic Solution N/A To be Added.
Kerosene Molotov To be Added.
Gunpowder Proximity Bomb To be Added.
Spark Igniter Remote Bomb To be Added.
Alarm Clock Time Bomb To be Added.
Airbag Remote Bomb To be Added.
Box of Nails Spiked Bat To be Added.
Scrap Various Weapons To be Added.
Bat   To be Added.
Cedar Sapling Crossbow Bolt To be Added.
Mountain Sorrel Health Cocktail To be Added.
Golden Currant Stamina Cocktail To be Added.
Sterilizer Health Cocktail, Stamina Cocktail To be Added.