Titanfall 3 Sidelined Thanks to Apex Legends’ Success

Titanfall 2 was an underrated gem of a game. It had a great story and high potential for a good multiplayer which was unfortunately not as appreciated as it should’ve been. We got what we sort of wanted in the form of a continuation known as Apex Legends. It looks like we’ll be sticking to that for now, since Respawn Entertainment has explicitly stated that Titanfall 3 plans have been delayed to focus on Apex Legends.

Here’s what Respawn had to say:

Additionally, in order to fully support Apex Legends, we are pushing out plans for future Titanfall games. No resources from the Apex Legends team are being shifted to other titles in development here at the studio, nor are we pulling resources from the team working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

This is because Apex Legends follows EA’s favorite business model, live-service. This step from Respawn Entertainment might have been taken due to the decay in the battle royale game’s popularity.

Moreover, half of Respawn’s development team is working on the Jedi: Fallen Order which leaves very little in terms of resources for Titanfall 3.

However, focusing on Apex Legends doesn’t mean we’ll be constantly getting updates either. Apex Legends will be updated on a seasonally. The primary reason behind such an update model for Apex Legends is to ensure the quality of life for Respawn developers. Respawn refused to push its developers into crunch to work on Apex Legends.

Still, expect to see a lot of new champions, tactics and possibly even maps in the future of Respawn’s free-to-play battle royale. Hopefully, they also update the game with some better visual options like a night mode perhaps.

Furthermore, it’d be nice if they finally added solos, duos and perhaps even 4 man squads so we don’t have to keep ditching our fourth buddy.