Days Gone Animal Enemies Will Keep You On Your Toes Throughout The Game

In Sony Bend Studio’s upcoming zombie game Days Gone, you won’t just be dealing with the human “Freaker” enemies. A video released by the studio says Days Gone animal enemies will also be a feature, forcing you to stay on your toes if you want to survive in the wild.

In the Days Gone setting, humanity has been almost wiped out by a global pandemic that killed most of the world but turned many of the survivors into zombie-like creatures known as Freakers. However, the virus also jumped species, specifically to crows, wolves, and even bears.

These new Days Gone animal enemies, known as criers (for the crows), runners (for the wolves), and ragers (for the bears), all provide different ways that Days Gone protagonist Deacon St. John will have to contend with threats besides other humans and Freakers.

Criers may be small, but they come in large numbers and often have a long range, attacking you relentlessly if you get too close to their nests. Runners have the ability to not only catch up with your bike, but knock you off of it, robbing Deacon of one of his biggest advantages.

The Ragers are massive bears that are durable and highly damaging, forcing Deacon to do his best to keep his distance. We already saw a Rager at E3 2017, where Days Gone made a second appearance with new gameplay footage.

Days Gone development has been going on for two years, ever since the game was first announced at the Playstation conference at E3 2016. After multiple delays and no concrete release date for months, the game will finally be coming out tomorrow, April 26, exclusively on the Playstation 4.

If you think that you can survive all of the different Days Gone animal enemies in the dangerous new world, then hopefully your confidence won’t be misplaced and you can have fun when the game releases.