Super Mario Maker 2 Release Date Confirmed, Will Come With A Switch Stylus

The original Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS came out in 2015. Since then, many Nintendo fans have been waiting for Super Mario Maker 2. Nintendo said Super Mario Maker 2 would release somewhere around June but now we have an exact confirmation on the release date. Nintendo also announced a bonus Switch Stylus as a pre-order bonus for Super Mario Maker 2.

Nintendo recently took to Twitter to announce the official date when Super Mario Maker 2 will release for the Switch.

Super Mario Maker 2 has a release date of 28th June 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. Players will get a chance to “Play and create the Super Mario courses” they have always dreamed of. They will also get a chance to take advantage of many “new tools, items and features in Super Mario Maker 2”

The company also announced that a Nintendo Switch stylus will also be available as a bonus if you pre-order it from digital stores.

Furthermore, if players go and preorder a physical copy of “Super Mario Maker 2 edition” directly from retail stores, they will get a Nintendo Switch stylus directly.

If you pre-order a Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition via the Nintendo eShop you’ll also receive a “My Nintendo Store code” that is redeemable for the Nintendo Switch stylus.

Although we have a release date for Mario Maker 2, there is still no confirmation on the rumored mini version of Nintendo Switch. Nintendo CEO has stated that they won’t announce it E3 2019. So either it will be announced earlier or after E3 this year.

Super Mario Maker 2 is set to release on 28th of June 2019 for Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders are already begun.