Leaked Intel CPU Roadmap Reveals 10-Core Comet Lake-S Desktop CPUs, No Sign Of 10nm Till 2021

It seems like Intel has decided to take on Ryzen by increasing its Core and thread counts for its upcoming CPUs. Roadmap for Intel CPUs has leaked online revealing Intel’s plans for 14/10nm based up to 10 Core Intel Comet Lake-S desktop and mobile CPUs.

The leaked roadmap comes from Tweakers revealing the full lineup of Intel desktop and mobile CPUs till 2021. Starting with Desktop CPUs, the roadmap reveals the S-Series and Xeon E series CPUs.

Interestingly, the Intel S-Series desktop CPUs are based on 14nm++ process node which is basically a refresh of 9th-gen Intel CPUs. Meaning we won’t be seeing Intel’s 10nm CPUs in 2020.

However, in Q2 2020 we will see the launch of Intel Comet Lake-S CPUs which will feature up to 10 Cores. Intel Comet Lake-S will be followed by Intel Rocket Lake-S which will also be based on the 14nm process node.

Furthermore, the leaked roadmap also revealed the new architecture Intel is working on. Ocean Cove is the new CPU architecture in development at Intel. CPUs based on the Ocean Cove architecture will become available after the launch of Golden Cove in 2021.

Aside from the disappointment of these CPUs being based on 14nm, it’s good to see Intel in actually increasing the core count for its CPUs. However, it remains to be seen if the prices for these SKUs will be competitive or Intel will just follow its usual high core count, hight price formula.

Considering that Intel will be competing with 7nm Ryzen 3000 desktop CPUs, Intel really needs to push for some innovation otherwise Ryzen will continue to eat away Intel’s market share.

Intel Comet Lake-S Desktop CPUs

As for the Xeon family, Intel is also increasing Core counts for Xeon CPUs as Intel will launch Comet Lake Xeon-E CPUs with up to 10 Cores in Q1 2020. This will be followed by Intel Rocket Lake Xeon-E CPUs in Q1 2021 and will also feature up to 10 physical cores.

Now let’s talk about the Intel mobile CPU roadmap. Intel intends to launch its Comet Lake-H CPUs in Q2 2020 that will feature up to 8/10 Cores and will be based on 14nm process node.

While Intel Desktop CPUs won’t see 10nm any time soon, Intel mobility CPUs based on 10nm process node will drop in Q3 2020 if the roadmap is to be believed. You can check out the leaked roadmap for Intel mobile CPU in the image below.

Intel Comet Lake-H CPUs

By the looks of it, Intel is still struggling to roll out CPUs that will truly compete with AMD Ryzen. Ryzen CPUs not only feature higher core/thread count but the prices for these CPUs and APUs are also very competitive. Not to mention 7nm Ryzen 3000 CPUs that will launch this year and Intel is still struggling with its 10nm process node.

Aside from CPUs, Intel is also working on its very own discrete GPU with former AMD Radeon Tech Group leader, Raja Kadori. Intel has only given us a glimpse of the GPU in a small teaser and has confirmed it for 2020 release. However, it remains to be seen if the GPU is being targeted towards gamers or professional designers and artists.

Source: Tweakers