Epic Games To Stop Its Exclusivity Deals If Steam “Commits” To 88% Developer Revenue Share

Epic Games has been making deals with developers and publishers to make their games timed Epic Store exclusives. This isn’t sitting well with PC gamers and Epic Games CEO has noted that if Steam commits to the 88% developer revenue share then he would consider dropping exclusivity deals.

While replying to a fan on Twitter, Tim Sweeney noted that Epic Store will stop making exclusivity deals if Valve is willing to split the video game revenue as same as Epic Store.

He added that the day Valve makes that decision will be a “glorious moment” in PC gaming history. If Valve actually does it then there won’t be ay exclusivity deals to get an upper hand on other stores.

For those who don’t know, Epic Games Store splits the video game revenue by 88% for developers and keeps 12% for itself for providing its services. Now there is a debate that Epic Store is an inferior platform compared to Steam as it lacks a lot of features that are a must for a PC digital store.

Many PC gamers are not in favor of Epic Store exclusivity deals and don’t even buy games from the Store. However, we must not forget that having competition is always good for consumers.

If Steam has competition in the form of the Epic Store, which it hardly is, it will only force Valve to improve its platform and policies to have developers release on its platform.

However, Epic Games using Steam’s revenue split as an excuse for its exclusivity deals is pathetic. Epic Games doesn’t even need to make exclusivity deals if its revenue split is better than Steam.

Developers will naturally release their games on Epic Store without the need of any exclusivity deal just on the bases of its revenue policies.

Epic Store already has The Division 2, Metro Exodus, Borderlands 3, Control and many high profile games exclusive to itself and a majority of them are timed exclusives. These exclusivity deals have also generated a bit of love-hate relationship between gamers and developers.

Not to mention, that Epic Games has been accused of spying on gamers using its PC client. However, Tim Sweeney has dismissed these accusations.

Also, these exclusive video games deals won’t happen forever. Epic Store has confirmed that it will stop making exclusivity deals after a while.