Days Gone FAQ: Release Date, Bike Customizations, Multiplayer. And More

Days Gone is Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive from Sony Bend. The post-apocalyptic zombie game is bringing a rich open-world mixed with a strong single-player narrative. There is plenty of information out there about the game and looking around everywhere can be a little overwhelming.

We have gathered everything there is for you to know about Sony Bend’s PS4 exclusive game, Days Gone.

Days Gone FAQ: Everything We Know So Far

The Days Gone FAQ will answer pretty much every question you may have. Days Gone release date, developing studio, and the gameplay are just some of the things you will read about in our Days Gone FAQ.

We are on the lookout for more information and will update the article if we find anything else.

When Does Days Gone Come Out?

Days Gone release date is April 26, 2019. The game is releasing on the same day as Avengers End Game and while it is hard to manage both in the same day, hardcore fans would be excited to have them both.

What Do We Get With Days Gone Digital Deluxe Edition?

You can pre-order the digital deluxe edition from the PlayStation Store. Days Gone digital deluxe edition comes with artbook, soundtrack, three extra skins for your amazing bike, a skill unlock, and a dynamic theme for your PlayStation 4.

Is There a Collector’s Edition of Days Gone?

Yes, there is a physical collector’s edition of Days Gone. It comes with a steelbook case, artbook, soundtrack, pins, patch, extra digital content, and a Days Gone statue.

When Will Days Gone Pre-load Start?

Days Gone pre-load is now available on PlayStation Store. You need to pre-order the game to pre-load.

What Do We Know About Days Gone Characters?

The main lead of Days Gone is Deacon St. John. The character is played by Sam Witwer. Deacon is a bounty hunter struggling to survive in the zombie apocalypse in post-apocalyptic Oregon. He and his best friend Boozer roam the open world together.

Can You Customize Deacon’s Bike in Days Gone?

The bike in Days Gone is a huge responsibility as well as a major tool of survival. The players would need to look for fuel for the bike and make sure to fix any damage caused by Freakers or other gangs. Throughout your journey, you will unlock parts and customizations for your bike in Days Gone. The bike is not only a mode of transportation but also a mobile save point. The bike can carry extra equipment and apparently, it can be used as a fast travel point in case your drift too far from your bike.

What Do We Know About the Enemies in Days Gone?

Days Gone enemies are zombie-like creatures that move faster than you can run.  These mutated humans are infected by an unknown substance. They roam around the world in hoards and can attack you hundreds at a time.

How Long With It Take to Complete Days Gone?

According to Sony Bend, Days Gone takes around 30 hours to complete.

Will Days Gone Have a Photo Mode?

Yes, Days Gone has a photo mode.

Does Days Gone Have Multiplayer?

No, there is no multiplayer is Days Gone. Just like other Sony games such as God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and more, Days Gone is a single player experience.

When Will Days Gone DLC Come Out?

Sony bend has confirmed Days Gone DLC and it will release in June. It seems Sony will reveal Days Gone DLC at E3 2019.

What Do We Know About Days Gone Gameplay?

Days Gone gameplay is set in an open world where you traverse a zombie-infested Oregon. While out in the wild Deacon will deal with zombies when trying to complete his mission. The motorbike is a huge part of Days Gone gameplay. It can be upgraded and fully customized. On your journey, you will meet different groups and factions. You can work for them to gain their trust.

There is also real-time snowfall in Days Gone.