Days Gone DLC Will Release In June, Includes Difficulty Level, Challenges

Sony Bend Studios has announced that after the Days Gone release date on April 26, Days Gone DLC will be releasing to players in June. The DLC won’t have any story missions (so far), but will include a new difficulty level along with a variety of challenges for players to attempt.

The Days Gone story is a post-apocalyptic one, focusing on protagonist Deacon St. John as he attempts to survive, and help others survive, in the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic that saw the vast majority of the world transformed into zombie-like creatures known as Freakers. In this new open world, Deacon will have to rely on his skills, his weapons, and his trusty motorcycle in order to survive.

The Days Gone DLC that’s coming out in June won’t have much, but hopefully prove itself meaty enough for players. To start off with, according to developer Sony Bend Studios, it will contain a new Survival difficulty level. In that, Deacon will not only face more dangerous enemies, but will also be unable to fast-travel and the use of Survival Vision, normally a mechanic on lower difficulties. With that gone, you’ll have to rely on your own vision to see useful items and enemies.

The Days Gone challenges that will be included in the game’s DLC will also be coming around the same time, and will consist of three categories. Bike, Horde, and Combat challenges will all test your mettle in a variety of ways. By completing these challenges, and doing so in unique ways, you’ll unlock new content during the game.

While we don’t have an actual release date yet for the Days Gone DLC, we do thankfully know the Days Gone release date, which will be on April 26 exclusively for the Playstation 4. So, if World War Z isn’t tickling your fancy for killing huge numbers of zombies in a post-apocalyptic world, Days Gone might be more up your alley.