Xbox Support Worker Asks A Few Minutes From Gamer To Take Cover From An Earthquake

A gamer working with an Xbox support worker in order to address a problem on their console got a bit of a surprise yesterday, when the assistant they were talking with begged him a few minutes’ time. The reason? An earthquake was happening. A Microsoft office was one of the buildings damaged.

The story comes from the official Xbox One subreddit, where the poster said that it was a good reason to end a call prematurely while trying to fix an issue. Yesterday, the Philippines (specifically near its capital city of Manila) was hit with a 6.1 level earthquake, which resulted in significant damage and the collapse of a large number of power lines all over the city.

The Microsoft office that was responsible for helping the gamer was located in Makati, located south of Manila, while the epicenter of the earthquake was just west of the same city, meaning that Makati might have suffered severe damage.

While the gamer in question, antde5, stayed on the chat for a few minutes, when the Xbox Support worker didn’t return he gave them his best wishes (she would later return after about 15 minutes).

So far, among the earthquake and its 17 aftershocks, 11 people have died and in the city of Lubao many of its power poles have been taken out of commission. Due to the country’s position on the volcanic ring around the Pacific Ocean known as the Ring of Fire, the Phillipines are more likely to suffer these sorts of disasters. Other countries that would have this happen are countries like Japan, Taiwan, and others.

Hopefully all of the Microsoft employees including the Xbox support worker are alright in the aftermath of the quake, and hopefully the Philippine government will be able to get to all of those that were affected by the quake soon.