RockSteady’s Rumored New Game Outlaws Turns Out to Be a Fake

A apparent leaked image of Rocksteady’s new Outlaws game has turned out to be a fake. The image appeared a few days ago suggesting that Batman Arkham creator is working on a new project.

The image showed us the Wayne Tower and Gotham City in its background and said that new information about DC: Outlaws will be revealed on April 26.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen now as a user on Twitter was smart enough to spot that the background image was taken from an independent artist’s profile on ArtStation.

The background in the leaked image was cut from the image below. It looks like a move by a DC fan who fooled everyone by taking someone else’s picture and equipping it with the title: Outlaws (famous DC comics vigilante group).

RockSteady Outlaw

The original art comes from Dmitry Wittman, who’s a 3D and environment artist. To clear things further, Wittman has also uploaded a video on Youtube to showcase his work, which is developed using Unreal Engine 4.

If you compare both images, it’s clear that the leaked image is cut directly from Dmitry’s work. Only the game’s rumored logo and trademarks of DC Comics and Epic Games were added to the image.

Beyond that, we also saw a product listing for Outlaws game, which featured the logo same as the above-rumored image with releasing platforms (PS4, PC and Xbox One) and a release date set for Q2 of 2020. Since there’s no confirmation, it’s nothing but a rumor for now.

There have been many rumors regarding Rocksteady’s next project lately. The studio is also rumored to be working on Suicide Squad game which is said to be announced prior to E3 this year.

The leak tells that the announcement will come with a CG trailer of Suicide Squad, which features Batman villain, R’as al Ghul along with many others.

The game is said to offer an experience similar to Destiny 2 as it’ll feature raids, loot, and more. Afterward, the developer will release a “Gotham trailer” which will be followed by a “Star City” trailer. Sounds too good to be true but it’s just a speculation for now since nothing has been officially confirmed by the developer.

Rockstar Studios has been up to something since its last release in 2016. With the sudden increase in rumors, we can expect the studio to unveil its next project (maybe Outlaws, Superman or New Batman) at E3 2019 with a trailer and release date announcement.