Rage 2 Requires An Internet Connection to Play, “Always Online”Confusion Cleared

While fans may not like always online games, it doesn’t stop developers from creating them. Since the announcement of RAGE 2, there were reports that the game doesn’t have extensive online features and may or may not require an internet connection to play. However, all the confusion has now been cleared by id Software.

According to id Software studio director, Tim Willits RAGE 2 is an always-online game. But that doesn’t mean you can not play it offline. The base game will remain available to the players regardless of an internet connection. Developers have planned live events that extra activities in the open world and to access these new activities players would need an always active internet connection.

Yes! So, we’ll have events and we can churn in activities on the occasion. But you do not need to always be online for this game. So was a little bit of confusion recently, but if you are connected to the internet, you can participate in these live events. If you’re not, then just play the base game and have fun. We can make these cool events happen that will kinda keep people engaged as we can deliver them more content in the future.

When Rage 2 comes out, players will be able to access the entire game without an internet connection. Extra live activities need an internet connection. It does seem like a good idea to give players more content when Rage 2 comes out. Most players will be done with its open world within days and since this is not a live-service game, extra content will do good.

When Does Rage 2 Come Out?

RAGE 2 comes out on May on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is available on pre-order on Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Store, Steam, and other distributors. Contrary to rumors, RAGE 2 is not an Epic Games Store exclusive. Pre-order to cheat codes for RAGE 2.

Source: Gamespot