Nepal Supreme Court Defends PUBG, Ban Is An Attack On Freedom of Expression

Following up on the story of PUBG being banned in Nepal, an unlikely ally steps up to defend the game. Nepal Supreme court itself has spoken out in defense of PUBG. According to the Supreme Court, the ban is an attack on freedom of expression so the PUBG needs to be unbanned by the government.

PUBG was banned in Nepal on the grounds of being dangerously addictive and encouraging violent behavior in youth. The usual riff-raff that the video game industry has to deal with.

Supreme Court came to the defense of both PUBG and the people who play it. The court expressed its concern on the ban and judges specifically talked about how the game is a form of entertainment. Banning any form of media and/or entertainment is essentially restricting free speech.

They also brought up the fact that press freedom and freedom of expression are both protected by the constitution. Banning a video game who’s sole intent is entertainment is basically violating the constitution of the country itself.

The player base in Nepal also expressed disdain for the ban, also accusing the government of being biased in what they restricted. They even went as far as to challenge them to block Twitter and Facebook as well.

What’s funnier is that there actually are real issues caused by the video game industry on the youth. Mainly it has to do with things like encouraging reckless spending since there have been cases of children stealing their parents’ credit cards to score some Vbucks.

Those are issues that really do need government attention. Don’t even get me started on the thousands stolen due to the Epic Store’s terrible security. PUBG should be the least of anybody’s concern.