New Fallout 76 Update Adds Repair Kits, Photo Mode, Bug Fixes

Even though Fallout 76 has become the butt of a large number of jokes since its release last November, Bethesda keeps on plugging along with trying to improve it. The latest Fallout 76 update is adding a new item in the form of repair kits, along with a photo mode and various bug fixes.

To start off with the most important part of this update, we now have repair kits available in the Atomic Store, allowing players to purchase a quick and easy way to get their weapons back up to max health. You can unlock them with Atoms earned either with microtransactions or by completing in-game challenges.

The repair kits are a good thing to use both competitively and while you’re just running around having adventures, but Bethesda has said that if there’s any competitive edge to using them that might upset the balance of PVP then that advantage will be removed as soon as possible.

A new photo mode has also been made available in the Fallout 76 update, which will allow you to take photos of anything that you’d like on your travels, whether it’s a stunning view, a creepy dungeon, or a monster you’ve never seen before. Numerous fixes have also been made to the CAMP system, items, quests, infinite loading screens, incorrect survival scoreboards, and more.

Balance tweaks have also been made to what you get by scrapping a variety of items, such as tin cans, aluminum trays, and aluminum oil cans, among other items.

With all of the problems that Fallout 76 has had over the past few months, it’s nice for there to finally be something positive coming out of the game, and hopefully this Fallout 76 update won’t end up backfiring on Bethesda like so much other stuff has lately. Fallout 76 is available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.