Close to the Sun Being Compared to BioShock Is A “Compliment,” Says Developer

Close to the Sun developer, Storm in a Teacup, had shared its views regarding the game’s comparison to Bioshock. Close to the Sun is a horror adventure while Bioshock is a first-person shooter experience. So why the comparison? There is one similarity between the two games and that’s the Art Deco design.

The animations, color pallets, and assets look pretty similar. According to Storm in a Teacup’s GM Roberto Semprebene, while they take the comparisons as a compliment, it is also risky to be compared to such a renowned IP. He explained how Bioshock wasn’t even a reference when they started working on Close to the Sun, however, as the development progressed “Bioshock came out as the milestone.”

When we started working on the concept for the game Bioshock was not even a reference, since we were thinking about creating a game like Outlast or Soma, eventually considering Layers of Fear and a little bit of Firewatch. Then, choosing to set the story in a Steampunk environment, Bioshock came out as the milestone for this kind of setting, and it’s really hard not to mess with it since Art Deco has very specific and coded appearance. Being compared to Bioshock for a small team like us is a big compliment, but at the same time it could be risky because we don’t want anybody to be misled: Close to the Sun is a horror adventure, not a first-person shooter.

Close to the Sun is set in 1897 on a ship that stands still on international waters. It is a first-person horror adventure where surviving is everything. Survival is solving puzzles, running, hiding, and quick thinking.

Storm in a Teacup is releasing the game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For PC users the game is coming to Epic Games Store on May 2nd.