The Cheaper Nintendo Switch Mini Launching in June, New Sources Claim

A cheaper mini version of Nintendo Switch will launch sometime in June, according to a report from Bloomberg. This less expensive or Lite version of Switch has been in the rumors for some time now. Wall Street Journal and Japanese publication Nikkei both have reported previously that Nintendo is planning to release an inexpensive model in 2019.

The June 2019 release date is earlier than the predicted holiday window in previous rumors. This new Switch model will be the source of Nintendo’s growth in the months ahead. The latest information comes from two anonymous people who claim to be related to the project.

Growth in the current period will get a boost from the launch of a new, cheaper version of the Switch, according to two people familiar with the matter who requested anonymity to discuss private plans. The new device will likely be launched by the end of June, according to one of the people.

The source didn’t specify a price or unveil how this new model of Switch will differentiate from the current version of the console.

In addition to the cheaper version of Switch, Nintendo is planning to release a modest upgrade of the current Switch model later this year. Now, don’t confuse it with the powerful version of Nintendo Switch (rumored to be Pro) as Bloomberg has specified that “more powerful version” is not in the works. However, nothing has been officially confirmed yet by Nintendo.

According to the previous rumors, however, the mini version of Switch will be indeed smaller in size but still can be docked and played on a TV. The console’s main emphasis is on portability. Another rumor tells that it will be handheld only to reduce the cost of the system. Meaning that there won’t be any detachable Joy-Con controllers. Moreover, It’s said to be missing the vibration feature of the orignal system.

As for Nintendo Switch Pro, Nikkei reports that the system is currently in the experimental phase. This more powerful Switch will be a next-gen console as it will replace the current version of Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Nintendo is believed to be experimenting on a number of different things for the device, including usability, improved image rendering, and changes to the operating system, among other things.

If the rumors are true, Nintendo is likely to announce its Nintendo Switch mini model at E3 2019, a few days ahead of the console’s release date.